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Our story

We're a small family company. We actually manufacture our own products. We're not a brand, we're not marketers. We are manufacturers. We don't just buy ingredients that anyone can buy and put a fancy label on them. We produce the highest quality egg protein in the world from fresh egg whites and whole egg.

We used to be the Olympia Cheese Company. In those days we used to spray liquid whey in the back fields because it was a by-product of making cheese and we didn't know what to do with it. Eventually, we realized that whey was rich in protein and we started drying whey protein in the 90's.

Eventually, we got out of the cheese business and got into the egg business. Since we've all been fitness fanatics from a young age, and we knew the importance of taking a high-quality protein powder from our days drying whey, we knew that we could improve on the egg proteins powders on the market, big time.

Unique low-temperature drying technology

Our family started this company in 2001 in order to make all-natural, fresh-tasting dehydrated egg proteins. Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we've been refining our unique technology since then.

We have developed a way to crystallize egg proteins at very low temperatures, in order to not denature the protein and therefore preserve the nutrition and amazing properties of fresh eggs. 

There is no other company in the world doing what we do. The proof of that is in the unsurpassed quality of the egg white proteins and whole egg proteins we produce. 

Our values

We take a lot of pride in what we do, we've put a lot of hard work into it. We don't add junk or cheap fillers. If you start with good raw materials from quality farms and process them carefully, you don't need to. We strive to deliver the highest quality possible and are always fine-tuning our technology and developing innovative new products

Our Story - Egg Crystals Egg White Protein