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What's the difference between crystals and powders?

Egg proteins are very heat-sensitive. Regular egg powders are dried at very high temperatures which denatures the protein and creates off-flavors and functional problems. Since they're dried at temperatures of 350F and up, the proteins are basically cooked during the drying process. Once they're cooked, you can't uncook them. It's impossible to unscramble an egg.

Egg Crystals are dried at very low temperatures. Our egg white proteins are dried at under 120F. This gentle evaporation process protects and preserves the proteins, resulting in a clean-tasting egg with all of the functionality of fresh egg. 

Egg Crystals vs Egg White Powders

We're small and focused. We make products that our own families eat, from American farms. Our children eat our protein, we're not about to put any junk in it and we don't add any cheap Chinese ingredients (not even packaging materials, we don't take any risks with our protein).

Why Protein Blends are Bad


We do one thing very well: dry egg protein. Our products are simple, we don't add a whole lot of ingredients because we don't need to, our egg is so good it doesn't need much else.


Unfortunately, some supplement companies take short cuts in order to cut costs. A few problems are very prevalent:


Also known as amino or nitrogen spiking, some products add cheap individual amino acids and then claim that as part of the overall protein content. However, what studies have shown is good for athletes is consuming complete proteins, not random individual amino acids. The best sources of complete proteins are egg, milk, soy, chicken and beef.

When you need protein, cheap individual amino acids aren't going to cut it. Be on the lookout for products that add leucine, isoleucine, valine, glycine, betaine, taurine and creatine monohydrate. Some of those individual amino acids may have uses at certain times, for example in a post-workout recovery drink. But when you buy a "protein" powder, what you need is a complete, high-quality protein that has been studied to be effectively digested by the human body (in other words egg!).

Even worse, many of these individual amino acids are imported from China. We use only 100% American egg white and absolutely no food or ingredients from China.


That's usually just a code word for "cheap". The highest quality proteins are egg white (85% - 96% pure protein), whey protein isolate at 90% protein, and soy. Most of those blends are full of whey protein concentrate, lower quality milk proteins or cheap individual amino acids like glycine, sometimes even amino acids that are not building blocks of muscle like taurine. Concentrates are simply lower quality versions of isolate proteins, with lower protein content.


Egg Protein Testing

We perform regular testing at independent, outside labs to verify the protein and amino acid content of our egg whites.

But the best test is your taste buds. Try our unflavored version for the cleanest comparison, it tastes just like fresh egg white. It whips just like a fresh egg white. It cooks just like fresh egg white.

Our unflavored egg white is 90% pure protein on average (and as high as 96%!) packing a whopping 27g of protein per 30g serving.